With 546 million users across 20 countries, LinkedIn has the largest global community of professionals of all social media platforms. People join LinkedIn to find industry news, expert advice, and peer insights. Because of this, marketers can’t afford to ignore its power.

Users often go to connect with other business professionals, using the platform to prospect or find people they can collaborate with. Generally the audience is more sophisticated than that of Facebook and includes more than 61 million senior level influencers, 40 million decision makers and 10.7 million opinion leaders. In this blog we discuss how you can use the powerful ad feature to influence and target your ideal audience.

Optimising your LinkedIn campaign

Brilliant marketers are always testing campaigns. The same is true on LinkedIn. Ensure that you are running 3-4 ads live at all times and replace under-performing ads with new content at least once a month. By posting several updates simultaneously, LinkedIn’s sophisticated algorithm will optimise the delivery of content that performs best.

You can take this one further by monitoring your campaign with demographic reports.  LinkedIn lets you hone in on job titles, company industries, job seniority, and more to see how your campaign is performing.

Targeting: discover your audience

– If your campaign is under performing, it’s time to review your targeting criteria. Start by asking if the audience size is right for your campaign budget.

– Audiences smaller than 300,000 members are considered niche and can prevent your daily budget being reached.

– Best practice is to set a broad audience of 300,000+, then optimise based on performance.

– After your campaign has run for a week, use the click demographics to understand which audiences are most engaged.


Bids: how to get the best price

– If your campaign is under performing, review your bid to confirm if it has been set high enough to be competitive in the auction.

– Best practice is to set your bid rate 1 euro above the top bid range. Bid prices can fluctuate several times throughout the day so this will enable you to stay competitive.

– If you find your average price is too high, you can always go back and reduce this.

– In addition to bidding, your relevancy score is important to help you win the auction – which is based on engagements on the platform.


Content: know what works for you

– Reach and establish trust with your contacts using infographics, blog posts, industry trends and influencer content.

– Nurture and drive traffic with contacts using best practice guides, case studies and product news.

– You can acquire and earn new leads with a vast range of content. Examples of these include: research briefs, product reviews and comparisons, product tours, analyst reports, whitepapers, eBooks and webinars, newsletters, recommendations, product demos, trials and tutorials.


LinkedIn analytics: uncovering your prospect

As a user of LinkedIn, you can gain insight on how many people have viewed your post, and some information about them (handy for that prospecting campaign!) If you are using LinkedIn company pages, you can get more information about updates that you have posted on the company page and the demographics of those that follow the page. This includes the level of seniority of the followers based on their profile information. For full access of LinkedIn analytics, you require the premium version.

Using social media for customer service on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you have InMail. You can send anyone who is a first level connection an InMail. You can also pay to send someone an InMail (and premium subscribers get 3 free InMails per month or more, depending on the level of subscription).

You also have the ability to create group messaging by adding more people to a conversation – this could be useful if you have a question or complaint that needs specialist input from a different department in your business.

So, what next?

To get noticed amongst professionals on LinkedIn you must have a targeted and strategic marketing campaign in place. Paid LinkedIn ads are the quickest way to gain a following. However, regular posting is also vital, especially in specific topic groups i.e. Digital Marketing Professionals. This gives you a presence, and if you write good content, you create trusted relationships with other members in these groups.


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