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    Entrepreneurial Journey


    Imagine if you could take your product to market with a dedicated team of experts. Our commercial planning programme knits sales and marketing together. It underpins financial forecasts, identifies real opportunities and explores brand identity. From conception to completion, our experts will help you:

    • Identify customer profiles and focus on key market segments
    • Benefit from a comprehensive product to market programme 
    • Select profitable ventures with accurate financial forecasting
    • Predict your success with well-tested marketing strategies


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    Product to market

    Identifying audience

    Financial Forecasting

    Marketing profile

    Product to market

    Let our specialist team of Business Development Specialists help you formulate a comprehensive product-to-market strategy. This includes everything from market analyses, customer experience and a network of supplier partners. So, when you’re ready to push the button on that pioneering venture, we can accelerate your entrance. Here’s what we do:

    • Analyse the market and fine-tune your core concept
    • Set up listening posts to discover what customers love
    • Create exceptional customer experiences from day one


    Take your product-to-market

    Identifying audience

    We take it all in – from location to characteristics, behaviour and psychology. First we segment your customers and understand what makes them tick, then we develop compelling campaigns that speak on an individual level. It works like this:

    • Profile customers with an in-depth market analysis
    • Create segments and tailor your marketing strategy
    • Customise marketing to nurture engagement and loyalty


    Focus your energy

    Financial Forecasting

    Our experts can guide you through the pitfalls of financial forecasting, helping you understand how a few simple changes can dramatically improve margin and raise the bottom line. You can streamline business processes by:

    • Gaining the confidence to create key financial indicators
    • Getting capital working with accurate cashflow forecasts
    • Making sense of the numbers to save time and resources


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    Marketing profile

    Using the latest technology, powerful data and creative brilliance, we offer integrated marketing with commercial success. Our highly-prized team of creatives specialise in modern marketing campaigns using cost-effective channels with proven ROI. Our team will:

    • Enhance brand perception to build value and sales
    • Optimise your digital presence to discover new clients
    • Drive retention and loyalty with a customer-centric focus 


    Start your journey

    Office Friendly provides support in business strategy, marketing and training. They are at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, always making themselves forever relevant.

    The account management support is excellent. It focuses on individual requirements to deliver a 12-month business plan which is aligned to our company goals.

    Office Friendly gives us advantages over any individual dealers. That can mean anything from terms to networking to access to market information that really helps our business, as well as all of the marketing and sales tools they provide.

    We’ve gone to Office Friendly with various different problems and they’ve always come back to us with solutions.

    Office Friendly’s marketing services have been an absolute god send for our business.