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    When you understand how to read the numbers you realise there is a story being told. Our programme covers budget forecasting, profit and loss, balance sheet management and cashflow forecasting. Let us work with you to figure out profitable ventures without the headache. Here’s how:

    • Take confidence in our highly qualified team of accountants
    • Bring focus to your business by stripping inefficiency
    • Makes sense of the numbers and save time and resources
    • Learn how to forecast financial success with confidence


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    Budget forecasting

    Profit and loss

    Balance sheet

    Cashflow forecasting

    Budget forecasting

    Our programme creates baseline budgets which monitor performance accurately. This lets you set realistic expectations at every stage of your business cycle. Using financial planning techniques, business managers and owners can stay focused in the decision-making process. Here’s what we do:

    • Estimate revenue and expense to set realistic objectives
    • Take control of business with accurate performance measures
    • Have confidence in growth KFIs and scale up year after year


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    Profit and loss

    By understanding the progress of your company through profit and loss you can take control of dynamic variables. This means you can hone in on specific business systems that need attention. By carefully monitoring costs and expenses over time, we’ll help you shift costs and rebalance the fortune of your businesses. We work in three ways:

    • Highlight inefficient systems and repurpose resources
    • Identify top revenue streams and generate extra profit
    • Keep an eye on numbers to ensure your business health


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    Balance sheet

    Our programme enables business owners to understand the value of each component within their balance sheet and how they all fit together. This means you will be able to read and manage your financial performance, take control of risk and seize opportunity.

    • Redistribute finance for a more profitable business model
    • Take a snapshot of every financial component of your business
    • Learn how to read a balance sheet and apply formulas


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    Cashflow forecasting

    Understanding the difference between profit and loss, and cashflow can mean the difference between scalable growth and insolvency. Our programme helps you get to grips with working capital and keeps it flowing no matter what. Here’s how:

    • We analyse your cashflow to alert you to potential dangers
    • Ensure your numbers give the right impression to investors
    • Get to grips with cash retention and secure your future growth


    Forecast your future today

    Office Friendly provides support in business strategy, marketing and training. They are at the forefront of an ever-changing industry, always making themselves forever relevant.

    The account management support is excellent. It focuses on individual requirements to deliver a 12-month business plan which is aligned to our company goals.

    Office Friendly gives us advantages over any individual dealers. That can mean anything from terms to networking to access to market information that really helps our business, as well as all of the marketing and sales tools they provide.

    We’ve gone to Office Friendly with various different problems and they’ve always come back to us with solutions.

    Office Friendly’s marketing services have been an absolute god send for our business.