The inaugural meeting of iOPA, the International Office Products Alliance has been held in conjunction with the OPI Global Forum 2018 in London, England.

Senior Executives of each of the 5-member companies in Office Choice (Australia), TriMega Purchasing Association (USA), Novexco (Canada), Office Friendly (United Kingdom) and Inovocom (South Africa) were in attendance for a series of discussions over the future collaboration between the companies. iOPA was formed in early 2018 for the purpose of sharing the vast knowledge, experience and intellect of globally recognised companies and executives within the Office Products market.

The meeting was held over one and a half days and set the frame work for the increased collaboration by each company to build and enhance the support and services provided for the benefit of the members of each dealer group.

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the organisations came together and openly shared insights into their businesses and their challenges. Whilst we are all unique within our own right, there are real benefits to be gained as we begin to share knowledge between the groups. I am confident we have assembled the leading, most progressive executives within our industry which is sure to benefit all of the members of iOPA” said Office Choice CEO, Brad O’Brien.

Whilst the insights garnished from the meeting were broad and varied, the group has locked down several key opportunities including global private label branding, best practice in traditional and digital marketing and shared IT platforms and tools. Each of the initiatives will be led by individual businesses capitalising on the strength of each of the organisations.

Denis Mathieu, President of Novexco stated “Whilst appreciating the credentials of each of our international partners, I approached the meeting with uncertainty having not met all partners in person. This was quickly overcome with each business being welcoming and having a genuine interest in sharing and learning to enhance their business and the group as a whole. I can only see these relationships growing in the future.”

“Being our home city we were delighted to host the event and having the opportunity to include our Sales Director only added an additional level of value. I see our company having great benefit from the alliance in the future.” said Julie Hawley, Managing Director of Office Friendly.

Mike Maggio, President of Trimega Purchasing Association stated “The insights and ideas captured within the meeting itself justified my trip from an ROI perspective, let alone the benefits the future opportunities are sure to deliver”.

“From a South African perspective, the insight into the global markets and practices of the leading Dealer groups across the globe was invaluable. We are ecstatic to be a part of such a distinguished group” said Inovocom Co-Founder Craig Noyle.

The meeting cemented the value of the alliance and the synergies that exist between each of the companies. As well as a schedule of online meetings, the group are looking to reconvene over the coming 12 months to continue the collaboration and to extract value from the alliance for each of the member companies.