Recognising a change in consumer purchasing behaviour over the past 2 years, we have teamed up with VOW to revamp our 2019 quarterly mailers. In place of the Big Sale Mailer, the publication will take on VOW’s Seasonal Saver format.

As usual the mailer will be delivered on a quarterly basis and feature the season’s bestselling products and most enticing promotions. By expanding the Seasonal Saver format to A4-size, you will now receive an enhanced brochure.

What it means to you

• With 52 pages, get even more content for even less money
• Retain your brand identity with Office Friendly’s exclusive wrap designs
• Engage customers with Office Friendly’s beloved word search and editorial
• Get the popular format of VOW’s Seasonal Savers in A4-size.

These mailers are now available to order quickly and easily via the VOW publications manager. Speak to your VOW Account Manager for more info.

As an additional benefit from Office Friendly, members can also expect a range of digital and print mailers which will help you diversify into new markets.