Today, Office Friendly announced a new progressive move: partnering with four of the world’s leading dealer groups to share knowledge, experience and intellect in an association called the International Office Products Alliance (IOPA).

Spanning four continents, IOPA brings us together with Office Choice (Australia), TriMega Purchasing Association (USA), Novexco (Canada) and Inovocom (South Africa), globally recognised companies in their own domestic markets. Meeting to a yearly schedule, the alliance will drive collaboration amongst executives and management teams with the purpose of continual innovation. IOPA will focus on strategic areas such as private label sourcing, best practice sharing, corporative and dealer benchmarking, and business model enhancement.

This is a bold leap forward; a remarkable move in the UK industry that cements Office Friendly’s positions as leaders of modernisation. In conjunction with our repositioning as Business Development Specialists Office Friendly will look to bring innovations in sales and marketing resources, integrated technology and access to big data in the office products marketplace.

“Office Friendly is delighted to become part of this illustrious and inspiring international Alliance”, says Julie Hawley, Managing Director. “The UK office products market is evolving at a fast pace and in turn we are evolving our strategic direction for the benefit of all our members. By aligning with likeminded groups, globally recognised in their own countries as market leaders, IOPA is the next natural and progressive step.”


“The true success of this move will be measured by member support”, adds Julie. “With that in mind, I’d like to ask each Office Friendly dealer to join with and help benchmark successes, collaborate on new ventures, and engage with innovation. Together we can bring global impact to our domestic markets.”

The first IOPA meeting is scheduled for June 2018 in conjunction with the OPI European Forum. Hosted in the UK the alliance will lay down a roadmap for the next 2 years.