Office Friendly met with 56 key suppliers at VOW’s showroom to present their pioneering vision of a new strategic business direction.

Fittingly for International Women’s Day, Julie Hawley, Katie Metcalfe and Keeley Shepherd hosted the event. Themed around the journey of a business, the event began with a review of 2017.

“Stats revealed a year to remember,” opened Keeley Shepherd, citing record spend through VOW, growth with suppliers, 2 hugely successful conferences, and expansion of Office Friendly’s in-house marketing agency, KascAid. All this while repositioning as business development specialists with a brand new website.

But, as Julie Hawley lamented, this was just the beginning…

Already in 2018, Office Friendly has helped forge IOPA (International Office Products Alliance), with four other internationally recognised dealer groups, Office Choice Ltd, TrimMega Purchasing Association, Inovocom Pty Ltd, and Novexco Inc. This has helped set the stage for global opportunity, both for Office Friendly and all its stakeholders.

Newly appointed Learning Platform Manager, Michael Hudson, later took to the stage to explore the year’s biggest development: Pioneer. “This interactive e-learning hub and platform will give each of you a place to network with dealers, share resources and improve the selling potential of your products and services,” he said.

Katie Metcalfe ended the day by discussing some of the advancements the marketing team has made over the past 12 months. With 3 new creatives on board, the agency now offers specialist ad-hoc supplier marketing services. These include product brochures, copywriting, exhibition collateral, social media management, web management and much more.

The event ended with a reminder about Office Friendly’s other key events for 2018. Places are already filling up for the annual Golf and Women in Business Day (16th May) and bookings are now open for Office Friendly’s key event, the Entrepreneurs Festival (19th October).