Dealer group Office Friendly is ramping up its 25th Anniversary celebrations the industry-first incentive, Van-Tastic, approaches its conclusion. The live prize draw will be held at Office Friendly’s annual Entrepreneurs Festival on Friday 4th October at Carden Park Hotel, near Chester and marks the peak of the biggest competition in the cooperative’s history.

Launched at last year’s Entrepreneurs Festival, Van-Tastic sees Office Friendly members compete to win a brand-new delivery vehicle complete with their own design livery. The incentive is supported by 7 key supplier partners – ACCO, Antalis, BiC, Fellowes, Brother, VOW, and 3M – each of whom have been rewarding members with tickets in return for business performance, engagement and innovation.

What has made this competition so special is that each ticket represents a chance to win the van. So, no matter the size of the dealer, every member has had an equal opportunity to win the big prize.

Since its launch, Office Friendly and each of the key suppliers have seen a huge rise in engagement and motivation from all levels of the membership. To date, over 1000 Van-Tastic tickets have been allocated by the suppliers to 125 dealers. 29 dealers have over 10 tickets, and one, in particular, has 84 in total.

“Van-Tastic has been a huge success for us, our key partners, and our members too. We’ve witnessed tremendous enthusiasm from all parties.” says Julie Hawley, Managing Director. “I can’t wait to see who wins, but what makes it more exciting is that I’ll find out alongside everyone else.”

Van-Tastic is further testament to the group’s reputation for innovation. Since reprofiling as business development specialists in early 2018, Office Friendly have continued to develop an impressive portfolio of business services. In April of this year, it refreshed the look and portfolio of its in-house creative agency, KascAid, followed by the creation and launch of a new Social Sustainability Programme, Weaver and continues to advance its learning and development programme, Pioneer.

The Van-Tastic competition has also proved beneficial for its 7 key partner suppliers who have seen a rise in engagement and activity from the membership.

“The Office Friendly Van-Tastic incentive has provided Brother with a platform to have deeper engagement with their dealers”, says Sara Diggle, Head of SMB Laser Business Unit at Brother. “We have seen the level of motivation to receive reward tickets grow since launch, which has enabled us to be front of mind when considering print across the membership.”