Office Friendly is pleased to introduce a new tool designed to help dealers audit and prospect to customers quickly and more effectively.

The tool has been created by Business Development Manager, Dan Mills, and is comprised of both an auditing and a prospecting tool in one easy to use Excel spreadsheet.

The former is designed to analyse a customer or prospects usage and existing costs against the dealer’s. This enables dealers to ascertain the profit available to them at the same time as the savings for the customer in one simple system.

The prospecting element of the tool is designed to create opportunity for the dealer. This saves time for the dealer trying to prospect to potential customers where no data is available. Instead, the tool will allow dealers to send tangible price information on product categories, helping them to get their foot in the door.

For more information on this tool, contact Dan Mills on 07899 662 006 or email him at

To download and try out the tool for yourself, click here.