To celebrate their 25th year anniversary Office Friendly have announced a competition which is already being described as the biggest in the business supplies industry. Get ready for ‘van-tastic’.

Launched at their Entrepreneurs Festival on the 19th October, members will compete to win a brand new van complete with company artwork. The competition will take place over the next 12 months with the winner being unveiled at their 2019 event.

“The launch of our Van-tastic incentive marks the start of our 25th year celebrations,” announced Julie Hawley, Managing Director. “Since reprofiling as business development specialists, we’ve gone from strength to strength. We would have never achieved so much without the support of our amazing members – so this is our way of saying thanks.”

Alongside numerous spot giveaways throughout the year, 3 key prizes are up for grabs. The 3rd prize will be a 42” Plasma TV, 2nd prize will be an iPad Pro, and 1st prize will be the fully branded van.

“This incentive has been made possible due to the support and commitment by Acco, Fellowes, Vow, Antalis, 3M, Bic and Brother,” added Keeley Shepherd, Sales Director. “Throughout the incentive, these suppliers will reward Office Friendly members with tickets for growth through sales and marketing achievements.”

To see how you can get involved, get in touch with Office Friendly at