In celebration of the launch of our new interactive learning management platform, Pioneer, we’re offering you the chance to win a free OFfest full package place!

Free for all Office Friendly members to use, Pioneer is designed to provide SMEs with the materials they need to thrive in a familiar and accessible format. The platform marries sales resources and marketing tools together with community forums and interactive e-learning opportunities. Filled to the brim with exclusive supplier and Office Friendly content, Pioneer presents the chance for business owners and their teams to learn and develop their industry expertise, advance their network of connections with other users and experts, and provide a better all-round service to customers.

Back to that free OFfest place… in order to win, all you have to do is get on the platform. Yep! That’s all. Just log in and take some time each day to enjoy and make use of the learning modules on offer, start some conversations, and climb the leader boards. The winner will be the person with the highest level of engagement by Friday 3rd of August.

Pioneer has been designed with your business in mind. So, without further ado, in this blog we’ll break down the top 5 reasons you and your team should be making the most of this new platform.

Save time and money – While in the past only large corporations could afford the cost of maintaining a training programme, thanks to Pioneer, you can enjoy all the benefits without having to dish out a whole bunch of budget on instructor fees, travel costs, and administration.

Enhanced business results – Giving employees quick and easy learning tools helps them to build their skills, meaning they become better at their jobs – and better at driving profit. Highly skilled and well-trained employees who perform well and know their product and industry means improved customer loyalty and increased revenue.

Easy access to training material – Users can take their knowledge to the next level and utilise the e-learning functions peppered throughout Pioneer, from interactive quizzes and video tutorials to downloadable content. You can access Pioneer from any device, wherever you are and whenever you like, making it a flexible and accessible option for businesses wanting to up skill a busy sales force.

Centralised system – Pioneer is a single centralised system, bringing together all the tools and resources you and your team could need, from training materials to networking opportunities. Enjoy everything in one place – anytime, anywhere.

Performance tracking – Pioneer Admin and Managers of each team will have the power to assign tasks to users and award bespoke achievements. Use assessments and tests for appraisals, reviews, feedback, sales figures and more or use the built-in reporting function to test team engagement with the platform.

As well as a FREE place at Entrepreneurs Festival in October, Pioneer admin will be awarding spot prizes for different users to reward getting involved. From secret content, to badges and achievements, there are loads of ways that you and your team could win with Pioneer. Be in the chance for these prizes whilst developing your knowledge and skills and improve the way your business works!

With a bank of learning materials already waiting for you, now is the perfect time to benefit from Pioneer (and be in with a chance to win, too).

If you are already signed up to Pioneer, log in at , or if you want to register you and your team for FREE, click here.

Got questions about Pioneer? Get in touch with our Learning Platform Manager,
Michael Hudson, on 0114 256 6300 or email here.